Growth Mindset Sticker

Growth Mindset, The Power Of Yet Teacher Inspiration Sticker

Growth Mindset Sticker

Excited to share the latest addition to my etsy shop: Growth Mindset, The Power Of Yet Teacher Inspiration Sticker  

Want to inspire young students?

Teachers place these stickers to display the growth mindset idea tree.

Show the classroom we can do hard things with this cute kiss-cut sticker.

Available in 4 sizes: 2×2″ , 3×3″ , 4×4″ , 6×6″ -glossy finish

Makes a great gift for cool educators, friends or family.
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What Are Examples Of A Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence can be developed.

Some example phrases are:

  • I can do hard things
  • Mistakes help me learn
  • Getting better takes time
  • It’s okay to not know something
  • When I ask questions, I learn
  • I don’t understand yet
  • Challenges help me grow